Juicy sweet fruit
has many useful properties
known to folk medicine
Orange is extremely useful for vitamin deficiency,
because it contains a lot of vitamins in high
concentrations: C, A, E, B vitamins.
Pectin and fiber in the composition of orange help
with various diseases of the stomach and intestines.
They envelop the mucous membrane, accelerate
peristalsis in constipation, nourish beneficial
microorganisms in the intestine. By the way, it is
pectin that gives orange jam such a jelly-like structure.
Also, orange juice is drunk at meals to stimulate
appetite, which will help to eat the right amount
of food during illness. Phytoncides in the composition
of this fruit have an antibacterial effect.
If you eat half an orange during a cold, weakness
and bruising will recede a little, and you will
recover faster.
a strong
prevention of anemia
lowering cholesterol
young skin
about oranges
In the XVI century, thanks to the Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon, oranges appeared in American Florida, and this tree reached California only in the XVIII century, not without the help of Spanish missionaries.
It is believed...
Do you know how these fruits grow?
The orange tree is a small evergreen plant that grows up to 5-8 meters. Today, more than 600 varieties of this crop are known. They are divided into sweet and bitter varieties.
Bitter oranges are more often used for making jams, marmalades, and their zest is used for making liqueurs.
Sweet oranges first appeared in Europe in the XV century. Then this exotic fruit was brought from the Middle East by Moorish, Portuguese and Italian traders. Around the same time, Christopher Columbus planted the first orange tree in the Caribbean Islands.
that oranges originated around 4000 BC in Southeast Asia, and from there spread to India, and then to other regions of the planet with acceptable climatic conditions. But even those first oranges were not "wild".
Biologists claim that such a fruit does not
exist in the wild. Perhaps the "wild" "parents"
of orange citrus are pomelo (or as it is called "Chinese grapefruit") and mandarin. By the way, until 1542 this new fruit lived, so to speak, without a name. And only in the XVI century was the name "orange" coined.
Juicy ripe taste of
What is better?
A glass of fresh orange juice contains exactly as much sugar as in two whole citrus fruits. This feature has prompted nutritionists to think that excessive passion for orange juice can lead to some increase in body weight and not the best way to affect metabolic processes.
Bottom line:
fresh whole fruits are still better than fresh.
Fresh orange juice is perhaps
If there is a lot of it in the whole fruit, then there is a minimum in the juice. And the decrease in fiber in the product affects the level of the glycemic index: it is much higher in juice than in fresh fruit.
in the world.
the most popular fruit drink
nutritional components
It contains almost all the
as fresh fruit.
them is still there,
The difference between
and first of all,
in theamount
of fiber.
Orange Tree
Orange trees are known not only for their delicious and juicy fruits, but also for their delicate and beautiful flowers. They create beautiful wedding bouquets from them, allocate essential oil, water and other raw materials for perfumery.

Orange blossoms are a sample of purity and beauty, decoration in the house, medicine and even food.
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